3 month ALLROUNDER course


This plan takes you from baking to cooking a 3 dinner course dinner and snacks.  A large range of recipes experimenting with lots of flavours and skills demonstrating the skills section of your award. 

You start by baking cookies, muffins, cakes, traybakes, sweet pastry, savoury sausage rolls, progress through to midweek meals including a curry, Chinese stirfry, one-pot roast, pasta bake, MiddleEastern snacks and finis

Easy to follow and helpful feedback is provided by our friendly tutors.h off with a well deserved sweet pudding.


 Complete 2 '3 month' courses for your 6 months skills requirements of y our award - this 3 month Streetfood course takes you around the world trying interesting flavours & learning new skills. Learnn to make churros, paella, pancakes, stirfry, risotto, padthai, thai chilli & lime stirfry,blackened cod, Tiramisu...plus more interesting flavours

Cost - £88  per 3 month course.


Cook your way around the globe making delicious treats such as churros, american pancakes, stirfry, spicy-as-you-like curries, pasta, risotto, profiteroles, tiramisu..a recipe plan packed with great ideas for midweek meals & flavours.


To complete your 6 month skills you can either choose a full 6 month course or 2 '3 month' courses - this course is a 3 month course full of baking - cookies, cakes, puddings, pastry & snacks. Add it to another 3 month course for your 6 month requirement...streetfood, allrounder, pescatarian...


This course is for those who have not completed a bronze or silver cookery course with us.

ALLROUNDER 12 months gold

This course is for those who have not completed a bronze or silver level course with us. Cost £298


This recipe plan takes you across the globe trying sweet & savoury recipe. Most of the dishes are midweek meal ideas & we have added a few snacks & sweet treats as well.Some recipes  feature 'trending' ingredients but these ingredients aren't difficult to access,& substitutions are suggested for these also.

52 weeks of flavour - Smoky curry, Chinese mince & pepper stirfry, blackened cod, Tiramisu, beef ragu, paella, pad Thai, risotto, crepes, burritos, churros...some of these recipes will become family favourites!

Cost £298