Join us each week and cook along with Susan to complete your skills.


Cooking along with Susan Carmichael is an easy & fun way to complete the skills section of your award.

Course includes - knife skills, oven & hob skills, food hygiene and safety, sample tasting and presentation using a STREETFOOD cooking plan.

ZOOM_APRIL 26 2022

Cook along with Susan and learn to make interesting midweek meals from our new STREETFOOD recipe plan.

Recipes include - puttanesca with a crunchy topping, risotto with spring vegetables and zesty flavours, the ultimate chocolate cookie, one-pan butter chicken, chicken with satay-flavoured potato salad... 

ZOOM_JAN 11 2022

Cook along with Susan to complete the skills section of your bronze or silver award - we meet every Tuesday 545-645pm and will be following a streetfood recipe plan.

The plan includes snacks, midweek meals and delicious sweet treats. Examples of recipes - sesame Asian meatballs, squidgy chocolate cookies, Swiss roll, coconut chicken with dal, crusty lemon cod, miso baked chicken with quick pickles, chicken poppers with curry potato salad, Vietnamese lettuce wraps. Book at or contact Susan for more details on 07789 792 676


Cook along with Susan everyweek in the Senior Food Technology Room - all ingredients and equipment are provided.